Tailor Your Instances for Perfect Fit

CloudOptimo Platform: Optimize Cost and Performance by Right Sizing Your Instances


Intelligent Optimization

Achieve Cost Savings with Machine Learning. Leverage the power of our machine learning-based Optimization Engine to ensure your instances are perfectly sized. Our algorithms go beyond simple instance utilization patterns, allowing for greater cost savings. By analyzing historical data and performance metrics, our intelligent optimization engine determines the ideal instance size for your workloads, maximizing efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.


Scientific RI Purchase

Make Informed Reserved Instance Purchases. Eliminate guesswork when it comes to purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs). Our Instance Scanner simplifies the process by distilling it down to a scientific formula. By analyzing your usage patterns, workload demands, and pricing options, our platform provides you with data-driven recommendations for the right RI purchases. This strategic approach ensures optimal utilization and cost savings.


Runtime Container Optimization

Efficiently Size Containers for Optimal Performance. Avoid resource wastage by utilizing CloudOptimo's Right Sizing tool for runtime container optimization. Conduct dry runs to determine the appropriate size for each container, enabling you to understand how much load a particular container can withstand. By automating the right sizing process in production, you can ensure optimal resource allocation, performance, and cost-efficiency.


Effective Control

Retain Constant Cost Control with Right Sizing. Embed Right Sizing into the lifecycle of your cloud infrastructure to maintain cost control consistently. Our Predictive Engine provides a comprehensive view of your current and future needs, enabling proactive optimization. Stay ahead of changing demands and align your resource allocation to match the evolving requirements of your workloads.



Total Organizational Visibility through Integration. Ensure total visibility across your organization with our rich integration toolset. Our Jira integration allows for accountability by assigning right sizing suggestions to the appropriate personnel. Everyone can have access to the right information, promoting transparency and collaboration in optimizing instance sizes.



Secure Integration in Just Minutes. We prioritize security and follow industry-standard guidelines for cloud integration. It only takes 10 minutes to get started with our platform. Rest assured that we access your account only through the recommended IAM policy, ensuring a secure and reliable integration process.